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E-Mail Discussion Lists

The World Wide Web Artists' Consortium operates several e-mail discussions lists as forums for the discussion of topics related to the Web and New Media industry and for announcements of industry events and services.

This page provides a general description of the different lists we operate. There are more specific instructions on reading list messages and on posting messages to the list. Please also read our guidelines for acceptable posts. Complete instructions on how to subscribe and unsubscribe can be found on the list commands page.

The WWWAC email discussion list is a very popular, unmoderated forum, with over 2500 subscribers. This in the central list for the discussion of general topics of interest to the Web community. Subscribership is free and open to the ge neral community.

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The wwwac list is the way to communicate with members of the WWWAC between the general meetings and the meetings of the WWWAC Special Interest Groups (SIGs). It is where we discuss Web design, the Web industry, and issues affecting the Web. It is a place to share questions, tips, techniques, and job information related to the Web.

WWWAC Members can take advantage of our Web-based, List Engine to browse and search the WWWAC list.

The WWWAC Community list is an e-mail discussion list for all topics of general interest. It is an unmoderated forum with no restrictions on content other than a respect for others' opinions. Subscribership is free and open to the general community.

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The WWWAC Announce list is a moderated, low traffic list reserved for announcements of WWWAC meetings and other important industry events. It is an important way to keep informed of upcoming events for those who receive the WWWAC discussion list in digest form and for those who filter their WWWAC list messages.

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Outside organizations are welcome to post their event announcements to the WWWAC announce list. Please contact <events@wwwac.org> for further information and assistance.

In addition to the lists described above, many of the WWWAC Special Interest Groups (SIGs) have their own e-mail discussion lists with different rules and procedures.

The WWWAC-Admin List Team

The WWWAC lists are administered by the WWWAC Admin. List Team (WALT), a group of volunteers who handle list problems, questions and violations as per the stated guidelines and under the auspice of the WWWAC List Administrator, a member of the WWWAC Board of Directors. If you have further questions or comments, or would like to volunteer, please contact us at: listhelp@wwwac.org .

The WWWAC List Server

The WWWAC List Server is a custom-built, Pentium II computer running Linux (RedHat 5.2). The List is managed by EZ Mailing List Manager (ezmlm/idx) and Qmail with MySQL on the back end.

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