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Posting to the List

Once you are subscribed to the WWWAC list, you are entitled to post messages to the list. Messages can only be sent from your subscribed e-mail address.

Address messages to:


The WWWAC List is an unmoderated e-mail discussion list. That means that any message sent to the List will be forwarded to over 3,000 other subscribers without review by a biological unit. It may take a while before you get your copy back, although, sometimes it can be just a minute or two. If you don't see your message by the next day, let us know at <listhelp@wwwac.org> .

We strongly urge you to read the Guidelines for Acceptable Posts before you send your first message to the list. The penalties for violating the guidelines range from polite warnings to suspension of posting privileges. Essentially, all we ask is your understanding that the WWWAC list is a community discussion forum and that your posts to the list should advance the interests of the community.

Advertisements -- except for job postings and event notices -- are prohibited on the list.

Questions and comments should be addressed to the list with some measure of caution. While we take pride in our open and generous community, we remind you that the WWWAC can't verify the credentials of any of its subscribers nor can we take any responsibility for what any other subscriber may do with your words. Your message will very likely exist for years to come on dozens of disk drives -- accessible by anyone, for purposes completely unrelated to the WWWAC and not necessarily in your best interest.

As with all authorship, you retain full copyright privileges on any content you post to the WWWAC list. The WWWAC retains a compilation right that allows us to republish your unedited content to other subscribers in the form of a digest or searchable archive.

Finally, we respect your privacy. Subscriber names and email addresses are available only to the small handfull of list administrators (WALT) and we will not sell or give that information out to anyone, not even our sponsors. Therefore, please do not post a message or send us a query asking if so-and-so is subscribed to the list; we won't answer. Also, please realize that scanning posted messages and extracting email address is not hard to do, so please be careful, when forwarding content from an external source, not to expose 3rd party, email addresses unnecessarily.

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Updated: 99/04/20 LA listhelp@wwwac.org

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