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Reading the WWWAC List

Once you are subscribed to the WWWAC list, you will begin receiving messages other subscribers have posted to the list.

The WWWAC List is a very active discussion list with over 3000 subscribers. By Active we mean that you can expect to recieve many email messages from the list each day. Traffic varies from as low as 30 messages per day on a holiday weekend up to 200 messages on a very busy day.

Mail Modes

There are several ways to handle this extra traffic. First, you can subscribe to the list in DIGEST mode. In this mode, individual messages are catenated into larger files of several dozen messages each.

To subscribe to the list in DIGEST mode, just send a message to <wwwac-digest-subscribe@lists.wwwac.org> . You'll probably want to unsubscribe the from the main mode as well, so send a message addressed to: <wwwac-unsubscribe@lists.wwwac.org> .

WWWAC Members (see: How to Join) can access list messages via our Web-based, List Reader - Search Engine thingy.

Filtering Messages

Many email clients have the ability to filter incomming messages. A filter is a rule that is applied to all messages as they are received from your email server. Each filtering rule can test one or more properties of the message (such as: who it's from) and set other properties (such as, the mailbox folder it should be stored into.)

The mechanics of specifying filters differs from one email program to another. All WWWAC list messages are sent to you with the following header fields:

    FROM: the name of the original sender
      TO: wwwac@lists.wwwac.org
 SUBJECT: [wwwac]  sender's subject line

The items in bold are always the same, whereas the italicized items change from message to message.

Updated: 99/04/20 LA listhelp@wwwac.org

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