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WWWAC Hang Night

The regularly scheduled monthly continuum.

Come on out to WWWAC Hang Night, a monthly meeting at the same time and a different place every month for some social and professional networking or otherwise just hangin' with other WWWACies. But don't be shy about inviting your friends and associates along.

When: TBA

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Cost: FREE (but Pay-your-own-way and please be kind to the wait staff)

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Recent Events:

WWWAC Digital Broadcasting SIG Meeting

Creative Applications of Digital Video:
Technology Empowering Storytelling

The combination of reduced production costs and the malleability of digital media is empowering artists and independent producers working in digital video to explore new forms of storytelling. Our panelists described their creative application of digital video in the areas of photography, live performance, Web Cinema and interactive documentary.

Susan Jacobson, a member of the Board of Directors of the World Wide Web Artists' Consortium (WWWAC), and leader of the Digital Broadcasting SIG.


Kyle Cassidy, Digital Photographer and Pixelvision Pioneer will talk about the transition from analog to digital and what it means for independent producers. Cassidy is a frequent contributor to Videomaker Magazine and runs the Digital Media Lab at the University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg School for Communication.

Members of Neutrino, a NYC comedy improv group developed at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, will discuss how they use digital video in live performance. The Neutrino Video Projects begin with a suggestion >from the audience; once the suggestion is given, the cast and crew leave the stage and begin shooting two-minute scenes. Meanwhile, two actors on stage explain the form to the audience. Once the scenes that were being shot outside are done, the video is mixed live. Neutrino will perform a few short scenes as part of the panel.

Nora Barry, Producer and Curator of Digital Media, and Director of the Streaming Cinema Festival - will show Story Streams, a networked digital film, created in real-time by collaborating filmmakers around the world. Working from a common narrative, each filmmaker creates his or her own version of the story and then uploads the files to a centralized artist who mixes the streams of the story together in real-time to create yet another version of the narrative. Story Streams weaves digital networked technologies with the ancient tradition of oral storytelling to create a new cinematic genre: real-time cinema.

Susan Jacobson and Jamey C. Shafer will demonstrate Countless Stories, a storytelling engine that combines RTSP video streaming with database technologies to create dynamic stories that assemble themselves based on input from the Internet audience. The goal of this project is to experiment with methods for breaking apart the linear structure of audio and video storytelling. Susan Jacobson is Assistant Professor of Digtial Media at Marymount Manhattan College. Jamey C. Shafer is an independent video producer in New York City.

WWWAC Meeting

Small Business Clinic:
Navigating the business assistance resources

About 99 percent of all business is small business. Most of the relief money coming into the City post 9/11 has been for big business. The little guy

  • whether a consultant, freelancer or micro businessman
  • has gotten virtually nothing. And forget about the boroughs and areas outside of lower Manhattan. There are allegedly 169+ public and private agencies out there dedicated to helping NYC business grow and prosper. But who are they? Where are they? And how can I get some?

    WWWAC's February general meeting was a Small Biz Clinic with a Panel Discussion and Agency Expo, designed to help small biz navigate the labyrinth of advice, grant and loan help still available post 9/11. And to also find out what's new out there. Moderated by Bob Ponce, stationmaster of Silicon Alley Station News Radio and former president of WWWAC, we hosted an outstanding panel of people in the know from some of the key organizations offering small business assistance.

    • Frank Madison, Technology Program Director, NYC Industrial and Technology Assistance Corporation (ITAC)
    • Ira Davidson, Director, Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Pace
    • Anthony Campagiorni, Esq., Director of Business Recovery, Empire State Development Corporation
    • Bernadette Nation, Director, City Business Assistance Program/ Emergency Response Unit, NYC Department of Small Business Services
    • Eric Parker, Project Director, City Business Assistance Program/ Emergency Response unit, Department of Small Business Services
    • Vicki Dawson, NYSIA's RAISE! program

    Bob Ponce, Stationmaster, Silicon Alley Station

  • WWWAC Meeting

    Job Hunting:
    Tracking down and bagging jobs in any economy.

    Our great panel of job-hunting gurus, pundits and authors discussed finding and landing jobs even in the current economic situation. The pros shared their hottest tips, techniques and strategies along with their hilarious, horrifying and helpful tales from the trenches. From adjusting your attitude and your resume to preparing for an interview and improving your savvy, the panelists spelled out what it takes to find and get a job and get ahead in these tough times.


    Allison Hemming, President (Top Gun), The Hired Guns and author of
    WORK IT! How to Get Ahead, Save your Ass and Land a Job in Any Economy
    Chip Conlin, Career Counselor, The Five O'clock Club
    David Schmier, President, GetHired Job-finding System
    David Blum, Internet Recruiter, TTS Personnel, Inc.; Board Member, WWWAC
    Paul S. McDonough, Attorney, Employment and Labor Law


    Bob Frankel, Principal, The RTF Company, Board Member, WWWAC

    WWWAC Open Source SIG Meeting

    Elmo's Open Source
    Lessons Learned in Migrating Sesame Workshop
    from Vignette Story Server

    When Sesame Workshop contracted Union Square Internet Development to migrate all their Web applications from Vignette and Oracle to an open source platform, they were not only starting over after years of development effort, license fees and maintenance costs. They were also risking disruption to the millions of visitors they received at sites such as and

    Speaker Tom Clarke of Union Square Internet Development, Inc. presented a case study looking at the business and technology issues raised during and after the migration as well as the benefits realized since moving to the new platform, consisting of PHP and PostgreSQL.

    WWWAC Wireless SIG Meeting

    Case Studies in Wireless


    George Schneiderman, Antenna Software: AntennaTools
    Other speakers TBA!


    AntennaTools: A powerful wireless solution that extends existing CRM systems to the mobile workforce, enabling real-time, end-to-end service request and inventory management directly from the field.

    WWWAC Design & Development
    SIG Meeting

    Information Architecture

    Who needs Information Architecture?

    In the inaugural event for the re-launch of the WWWAC Design & Development SIG, we will be focusing on that question as we explore the "nuts-and-bolts" aspects of particular business cases where Information Architecture plays a crucial role in complex online strategies.

    The SIG itself will not be a discussion about technological arcana. Instead, we will be looking at four specific examples where Information Architecture leads the charge in the planning and development process for ambitious products: at The New York Times on the Web,, at Plumb Design where they use ThinkMap (a highly innovative tool for visualizing information) and finally, a project where IA is used to attack the Digital Divide in remote Appalachia.


    Rob Larson, Information Architect, New York Times Digital
    Marc Tinkler, President, CTO, Plumb Design
    David Wertheimer, Design Director,
    Alexander Struminger, Acting Chief Operating Officer, Lightstone Foundation and Community Development Corporation


    Charles A. Hamilton, Partner, Telosphere, Inc.

    Joint WWWAC Law SIG/NYNMA International SIG Event

    Recent developments affecting
    Privacy, ECommerce, Security and Intellectual Property

    Meeting Recap


    John Delaney, Morrison & Forster
    Gerald Ferguson, Thacher Proffitt & Wood
    Richard Field, Richard Field Esq.


    Otho Ross, Otho Ross Esq./WWWAC Law SIG Chair

    WWWAC PR/Marketing SIG Meeting

    Marketing Yourself

    Meeting Recap


    Phil Rosenbaum, Producer, CNN-FN
    Deborah Roth, Senior Director of Corporate Communications, Lending Tree
    Ken Ross, Senior Recruiter, Segue Search
    Dara Tyson, PR Director, OutLookSoft


    Peter Shankman, CEO, The Geek Factory, Inc.

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