World Wide Web Artists' Consortium

Health Insurance & Financial Services for WWWAC Members

WWWAC, in association with Working Today, is now offering a group-rate benefits package to independent workers in the New York City area. The plan is designed so that your benefits remain secure as you move from job to job or project to project. The Working Today Portable Benefits Network provides health insurance - a comprehensive HMO plan featuring coverage for doctor and specialist visits, prescritpion drugs, hospitalization, emergency room services and vision and dental coverage - with HIP New York, disability and life insurance with Guardian of New York, financial services with Solomon Smith Barney and free checking with Citibank. The cost is up to 30% off the cost of individual policies, including most COBRA plans. For more information, including the eligibility requirements, visit Working Today's website at


Last updated: 2002/04/13, CB/sb