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WWWAC Elects Six New Board Members

NEW YORK-(October 26, 1998)--The World Wide Web Artists Consortium (WWWAC) announced the election of six new members to its board, effective October 19th. "We are really excited about the caliber of our new board members, who are already getting involved with our growth and organizational transformation," says Bob Ponce, President of WWWAC. "The diversity of their backgrounds and the breadth of their experience is invaluable, and it reflects our membership."

The new board members include: Dr Augustine Fou, President and CEO of go-Digital Internet Consulting Group, Inc. a management consulting firm specializing solely in Internet strategy; Bob Frankel, founder and Principal of The RTF Company, a strategy and management consultancy specializing in New Media and entrepreneurial businesses; Tony Raposo, Commercial Officer for the Canadian Consulate, Kevin M. Sickles,Account Executive at Sun Microsystems specializing in New Media Companies in New York; Marc Shifflett,freelance Web designer and site builder; and Bruce Strzelczyk, partner with Richard A. Eisner & Co., a leading middle market accounting firm in this region for growing technology companies.

In addition, eight other board members were re-elected including Ponce; Lynda Meyer, WWWAC's Treasurer and CEO of Net Technologies, Inc.; Larry Aronson, WWWAC's List Coordinator and noted HTML author; Glenn Hauman, CEO of BiblioBytes; Lisa Boyne. CEO of Home on The Web; Peter Chislett, President of Postalworks LLC; Miles Rose, CEO of and Craig Zolan, President, UniversityVentures (elected by the board to a vacant seat). Additionally, the board elected three of its new members to the following positions: Dr. Augustine Fou, SIG Coordinator and Membership Secretary; Bruce Strzelczyk, General Secretary, and Tony Raposo, Meeting Planner.

WWWAC Board members are directly elected by WWWAC membership,and specific officer positions are elected by the board. This election featured the debut of WWWAC's online membership voting system, allowing remote members to cast their ballots through WWWAC's Web site.

The World Wide Web Artists' Consortium is a global organization dedicated to encouraging education, collaboration and entrepreneurship in the individuals who make up its passionate membership. As an unbiased voice of the new media industry, WWWAC is committed to supporting the unprecedented growth of the Internet by creating opportunities for our members to succeed in their online endeavors. WWWAC was started by Web developers in December 1994 in New York's Silicon Alley and incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)(3), corporation in the State of New York, in June, 1997.

New Board Member Biographies

Dr. Augustine Fou is President and CEO of go-Digital Internet Consulting Group, Inc. a management consulting firm specializing solely in Internet strategy,serving clients such as IBM, AT&T, and Victoria's Secret Catalogue.The firm go-Digital also produces the popular monthly e-Forum series for new media entrepreneurs and international conferences which bring together top executives from new media firms and other industries. Dr. Fou earned his PhD.from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Materials Science and Engineering with a Minor in the Management of Technology from MIT's Sloan School of Management. He served major telecommunications, healthcare, and digital imaging clients in management consulting with McKinsey & Company prior to founding go-Digital.

Bob Frankel is the founder and Principal of The RTF Company (est. 1989), a strategy and management consultancy specializing in New Media and entrepreneurial businesses. Previously, Mr. Frankel held various positions for: Warner Amex Cable Communications, Inc. (forerunner of Time Warner Cable); Prudential-Bache Securities, Inc.; E.F. Hutton & Co., Inc.; and Paine Webber Mitchell Hutchins Inc. He is also currently serving as a Co-President of the Chicago Business School Club of New York, Inc. (University of Chicago MBA alumni organization), and holds active membership or affiliations with other professional and MBA alumni-related associations. Mr. Frankel will focus on inter-organizational cooperation and internal special projects for WWWAC.

Tony Raposo is the Commercial Officer for the Canadian Consulate General in New York. Mr. Raposo spearheaded The Consulate's CanApple Program, which was developed to facilitate commerce between companies in Silicon Alley and those in new media communities across Canada. The Consulate's principal role is to advise and assist Canadian and U.S. firms interested in developing cross-border business. His presence on the WWWAC board lends a unique international perspective.

Kevin M. Sickles is currently employed at Sun Microsystems as an Account Executive focused on"New Media" Companies in the New York City Area. Previously he was employed at IBM as an Account Executive. He achieved the rank of Captain in the US Army, Airborne Graduate, primarily stationed in Ludwigsburg Germany. He received an MS in Systems Management from USC (1987) and graduated Washington University (St Louis) with a degree in Chemical Engineering (1983). Mr. Sickles is married and living in Mamaroneck, New York with two boys ages 5 and 3.

Marc Shifflett is a freelance web site architect and developer. He has helped to produce sites for a variety of graphic design, new media and marketing companies for clients such as IBM, Netscape Communications, Travelers Group, Rodger's & Hammerstein Organization, CPC International, Sony, Trimble GPS and RCA. He is greatly looking forward to doing whatever it takes to keep WWWAC at the forefront of the web arts and technical community.

Bruce Strzelczyk is a partner at Richard A. Eisner & Company,LLP,the dominant middle market accounting firm in this region of the country. Eisner is the firm for growing technology companies,with over 65 public clients,and a great number of contacts and clients who are venture capitalists. Mr. Strzelczyk served as part of the management team at, an Eisner investment.

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