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Message from the WWWAC Board of Directors

Below is the official joint statement of the major Silicon Alley organizations and publications, including WWWAC, announcing an unprecedented joint initiative to deal with the current crisis. We know many of you have wanted to volunteer and help in some direct way, and using not just your arms and pockets - but also your professional skills. Up until now there was no organized, centralized and clearly legitimized basis for doing so. What you see below is just the beginning - basically an open submission, skills database. Meanwhile an organization is building to apply those collective resources, on a sustainable basis, into effective project teams to work where ever it is needed most. WWWAC encourages all to support this unprecedented effort by submitting your skill sets to the database.


The technology and new media business community of New York stands ready and united to assist our neighbors in this time of crisis, and to aid rebuilding efforts. We recognize that thousands of our colleagues have offered volunteer assistance, but were unable to find a place or a way to help. After discussing the situation with city and state officials, we discovered that the needs assessment in New York is just beginning and will be ongoing for several months.

Therefore, we are committed to providing a unified mechanism for volunteers from our community and coordinating efforts with the city and state. We recognize that volunteer assistance may not be needed immediately and caution volunteers that they may not be called upon for weeks or even months. Nonetheless, to avoid confusion and maximize our potential effectiveness as a community, we have created a central clearinghouse for volunteers from the software, technology, and new media sectors. Please add your name and skills if you would like to help by visiting the following site:

This effort follows up on the successful organizing of the city's Webgrrls, which mobilized a task force of 70 volunteers a day to help the Red Cross with the mammoth task of tracking data. We intend to follow this model of dispatching technology-equipped teams to where they are needed either to help in further relief efforts, help displaced businesses reestablish their IT infrastructure, or help schools affected by the events. This mobilization effort includes Webgrrls, the New York New Media Association, the New York Software Industry Association,, MOUSE, the World Wide Web Artists Consortium, the Silicon Alley Reporter, AlleyCatNews, and other industry organizations.

We believe that this may lead to a permanent coalition of technology professionals poised to help in times of crisis and the organizers of this effort will be meeting in the next several weeks to discuss how best to proceed with this idea.

This group also recognizes that for the city to come back stronger than it was, our businesses must survive and grow. Some of our work in the coming weeks and months must be paid for, and we call on our representatives to assist in connecting companies from the region with those who need their services.

Special thanks to The Hired Guns and Angel Networks for building the site and maintaining the database. Thank you for your time and support.

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