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The following information has been pulled together mainly from messages posted to the WWWAC list. Please contact the WWWAC at with corrections and suggestions. Note that links open in a new window.

Table of Contents

Survivors & Contact sites
DNA Collection Information
Dealing with Grief & Counseling (adults and children)
Blood Donations
Other Donations
Transit Information
Government Links & Contact Information
News Sources
Airline Information
Miscellaneous Information
Fraud Alert

Survivors & Contact sites

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Dealing with Grief & Counseling (adults and children)

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  • FBI Tips web site
  • Main New York City Numbers:
    NYC Emergency Information: 212-560-2730
    NYPD Emergency Information: 212-741-4626 or 866-856-4167

  • Airlines:
    American Airlines: 1-800-245-0999
    American Airlines Statement
    United Airlines: 1-800-932-8555
    United Airlines Statement
    United also has established its international toll-free numbers for friends or family members who want more information. Those numbers are:
    The Netherlands: 020504051
    Germany: 06966985407
    Italy: 024829813
    Belgium: 027133646
    France: 0169199659

  • Victim Information:
    Red Cross WTC Victim Information: 212-604-7285
    WTC: AON Employees: 203-863-6380
    WTC: Morgan Stanley Employees: 888-883-4391
    WTC: Carr Future: 800-755-7620
    WTC: Cantor Fitzgerald: 866-326-3188
    WTC: Pitney Bowes: 800-932-3631
    Empire Blue Cross/ Blue Shield: Families of Employees: 866-761-8265
    Port Authority Employees: 973-565-5501(2) (3) (4)
    Port Authority Families of Missing Employees: 973-565-5505 (6) (7)
    Pentagon Employees: 1-877-663-6772
    Fire Department and EMT Employees: 718-999-2541
    FDNY Family Crisis Center: 718-352-7001
    Police Department Employees: 718-677-8238
    Missing Persons: 212-447-2998 or 212-560-2730

  • New York City Hospitals:
    St. Vincent's Hospital: 212-604-7285
    Bellevue Hospital Center: 212-562-4141
    Coler Memorial Hospital: 212-848-6300
    Goldwater Memorial Hospital: 212-318-8000
    Gouverneur Hospital D&TC: 212-238-7000

  • Other City Services:
    City Mortuary: 212-562-3051
    Chief Medical Examiner: 212-447-2030

  • Grief Counseling:
    Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center: 718-579-5000
    Metropolitan Hospital Center: 212-423-6262
    St. Vincent's Health Crisis Center: 212-604-8220
    St. Vincent's in Westchester: 914-925-5320
    St. Vincent's in Staten Island: 718-354-6300
    Department of Mental Health Services: 212-442-5000

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Note that authorities said Friday 9/14 AM that they don't need any more people for the rescue and cleanup effort right now, but if you want to volunteer, you need to go to Jacob Javits Center (34th St/11th Ave) and get registered. More assistance is likely to be needed in the coming weeks, so be prepared to help out as is needed.

If you are interested in volunteering for work unrelated to the search and rescue, offers a database of international volunteering opportunities. You can search by skills required, type of volunteer effort, and location.

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Blood Donations

Blood will be needed in the coming months, as the supply will need to be replenished. Please consider making an appointment to donate blood in October and November.

  • American Red Cross (also accepts credit card donations)
    Red Cross Blood Donation: 1-800-GIVE-LIFE, 1-800-GIVE-BLOOD

  • New York Red Cross
  • New York Blood Center
  • Hospitals

    • Manhattan
      • New York Blood Centers
        310 East 67th Street (between First and Second Aves.)
        150 Amsterdam Avenue (66-67th Streets)

      • St. Clare's Hospital & Health Center
        426 W. 52nd St.

      • St. Vincent's Hospital & Medical Center
        7th Ave. at 11th St.

    • Brooklyn
      • New York Blood Center
        120 Lawrence St. near MetroTech

      • St. Mary's Hospital
        170 Buffalo Ave.

    • Queens
      • Flushing: St. Joseph's Hospital
        15840 79th Ave.

      • Jamaica: St. Vincent's Medical Center of Richmond
        355 Bard Ave.

    • Staten Island
      • Mary Immaculate Hospital
        15211 89th Ave.

    • Westchester
      • Elmsford
        525 Executive Boulevard

    • New Jersey
      • New Brunswick
        167 New Street

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Other Donations

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Transit Information

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Government Links & Contact Information

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News Sources

Airline Information

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Miscellaneous Information

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Fraud Alert

Unfortunately, there are plenty of people that try to take advantage of others during such tragic times as these, preying on emotionally distraught and sympathetic people that desire to help. From telephone solicitations to bogus web sites, the attempts to defraud and steal only add to the misery. So please be mindful and wary of such scams and report suspicious activity to the authorities.

Related links:

What should you do if you receive solicitations that you suspect are fraudulent?

If you receive a phone call: Note the incoming number (if you have Caller ID), if you do not have Caller ID or the ID comes up as Unavailable or Blocked, then note the exact time the call was received and the duration. Also, try to get as much information about the organization as possible from the representative. Legit freely give their contact information, location and phone numbers, frauds hang up quickly. Be smart and try to do some detective work yourself such as telling the representative that you have dozens of friends who want to contribute and who should they call? Many Cons often hang themselves with the rope of greed. Then contact the FBI 202-324-3000 and the NYC Police Department 718-765-4300

If you receive an email: Save the email and go to the FBI Internet Fraud web site form where you can cut and paste the email into a text field.

Tips from SpamCon and CAUCE:

  • Never give to an unknown person or organization who solicits you by spam. They may already breaking the law to deliver the message to you, and may be using fraudulent information to do so.
  • If you need help determining whether a charity is legitimate, check the GuideStar database at It lists many (most?) government-registered 501(c)(3) orgs.
  • Whenever possible, give directly to charities. Look with suspicion on anybody collecting money "to be delivered to the Red Cross." Notable exceptions: PayPal and Amazon are helping the Red Cross take donations, as the RC's servers have been overwhelmed.
  • Give locally. Give to entities you already trust. Give your time. Open your home. Open your hearts. Be intelligent, but above all, give.

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