World Wide Web Artists Consortium

SIGs: Design & Development

SIG Leader Scott Bowling
Location TBA
Time 6:30 pm
Standard Meeting monthly

The Design & Development Special Interest Group covers all aspects of Web design, production and delivery. We will discuss such diverse topics as Web standards, information architecture, accessibility, digital imaging, knowledge management, experience management, search engine optimization, user interface issues, server and client side scripting, dynamic sites, metrics and measurement, project management and outsourcing work.

About the SIG Leader

Scott Bowling
Scott Bowling has 20 years of experience in the computer industry, including individual and group course development and training in a wide range of computer and Internet skills and applications; custom software and database development; software and system needs analysis consultation, recommendation and implementation; computer system and network configuration and servicing; multimedia CD ROM project management and production; Web site development; troubleshooting and consulting; strategic planning; technology assessment; customer experience management planning; RFP development and evaluation. Scott is a principal in ThingsWeb, a strategic intra/extranet/Web development company. He teaches multimedia at Marymount Manhattan College and currently serves as President of the World Wide Web Artists' Consortium (WWWAC) Board of Directors.