World Wide Web Artists Consortium

SIGs: Design & Development

SIG Leaders Lois J. Greene-Hernandez
Location Barnes & Noble
Union Square
Time 6:30 pm
Standard Meeting monthly

The Web Developerís Roundtable is an informal gathering of people involved in designing and developing sites and applications on the Web. Discussions will be freeform, covering a wide range of technology and business issues like working with graphics, front/back end scripting, content development, refining resumes and portfolios, looking for work, the development process, project management, contracts, etc. This forum should be beneficial for web developers of every sort and experience level, whether working as a freelancer or in-house staff.

About the Roundtable Leader

Lois J. Greene-Hernandez
Lois, a native New Yorker, has nearly 20 years experience in IT, initially with mainframes, but also working with PCs and Unix based systems and applications. She moved into Web development in 1999 starting with Java and servlets, and then learning scripting languages like PHP, perl and javascript. She continues to hone her OOP and scripting skills, working with databases like MySQL and keeping up with newer technology like JSP for delivering dynamic content. Lois is currently building her Web development business and is interested in establishing relationships with other professionals.